• The mobs drop items in stacks,
    1. Etc/use items: 2 ! 50% chance of getting one more items,
    2. Equipement: getting 2 items, and 50% chance of getting 3 items.
    3. normal card: A 50% chance of obtaining the card as a second copy
    4. Mvp drop: A 10% chance of obtaining the item as a second copy.
  • Many NPCs offering various functionalities.
  • RCX, which is integrated into the game client ( The equivalent to @lgp )
  • ROTGGRF.exe , which is integrated into the game client ( dark grf )
  • The ability to /memo with all jobs and to create warps via the NPW warper.
  • Add Socket Enchant item (slot addition)
  • Add Armor Enchant (stat addition)
  • Improved positional movement of characters and monster
  • Autopot , autobuff, macro serveur side coding
  • Different in-game commands that facilitate gameplay(@storage(only on city),@load(use butterfly)@showrare, @noks @allotid etc . See all commands)
  • Infinity Butterflywings free ( not can use on combat )
  • Robots(AI) to assist you in your leveling or party creation phase (no more: Seek last: dancer or prof / bard / Priest for go thor / abbey 3 etc..).
  • Wedding accessory with your robot to transfer the SP from your robot to you, and vice versa.
  • An item to instruct your robot to position itself on the selected cell (stacking with other players)
  • Smart pvp area on the city
  • increased spawns by 50% on all maps
  • Mob exhaust mechanics removed
  • Ranking Elo champion 1vs1 ( 130 dex only acc and weapon )
  • Ranking, instance speedruns
  • NPC quest shop ( make quest for you vs item/zeny and time )
  • Same-sex marriage: Allowed
  • Unique events like find the pair , or aim traning , duel of monster , mastermind with name monster ..
  • Smart Restock System
  • Monsters Respawn saving (after server maintenance, restart, scripts reload)
  • When using the Vending skill and @autrotrade you can play on another char on your account
  • Mob kill counter
  • Healer & Buffer : Progressively adds buffs with higher BaseLevel