Commands Information
@refresh Allows refreshing your positioning (bugpos) upon leaving an NPC window, reactivating dead cells.
@autotrade Allows disconnecting your merchant and continue selling
@exp To know your current experience
@me Is used for role-playing.
@killdummy To kill your summoned dummy
@dummy Summon the dummy of your choice and provide your DPS over 4 seconds. Example: @dummy lunatic
@partybuff It is used to display active buffs on the player in your party window
@iteminfo It is used to obtain information about an item such as its resale price (NPC), weight, etc
@rates Displays the detailed rates of the server (Base/job/quest/multileveling/equipment/usable items, etc...)
@noask Auto rejects deal/invites
@mapmoblist Provides the monster list of the current map where you are located.
@skillid Provides the skill ID and the skill name in rAthena
@alootid This is used to give your robot a focus on the loot to drop (does not replace giving the loot action to your robot
@who To know the number of currently connected players