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RPGs generally focus on one or two aspects: they may, for example, offer exploration as an activity with increasing difficulty. Depending on the case, the player either progresses without much trouble, or the difficulty becomes too limiting, leading to farming sessions to increase their power to continue. With practice, some players refine their gameplay and are capable of traversing areas that no longer require farming.

Other RPGs directly concentrate on executing maneuvers, limiting progression based on the player's level rather than that of their character.

Despite its accessible content, Ragnarok is actually extremely demanding, requiring excellence across several interdependent activities. Furthermore, being an MMO format, it provides training conditions that are fairly precarious : whether it's in building character builds, gameplay, or pure knowledge of mechanics, the player finds themselves mostly on their own.

There are no "cheat codes" to quickly test things, and setting up a local server is almost inaccessible to people without an IT background. The player constantly feels pressure during the farming phase because the more other players progress, the more they feel "left behind."

This delay or advancement, depending on the case, leads to timing issues in meeting for "matches": battlegrounds, WoE, and MVP contests (Beelzebub, Satan, Bio). Discrepancies in equipment, combined with differences in availability, introduce biases in the skills tested during these matches. As a result, skilled players remain stagnant, and newcomers have no means to catch up.

Finally, a specificity of private servers: the extreme variability of each server configuration. This includes the choice of emulator and its configuration files, which can change core game mechanics (Land Protect behavior, instrument switching, katar arrow, rude attack, potion delays, provoke/mind break on allies... the list is long), as well as the emulator and client versions, Gepard configuration (which affects animation delays), and the latency, which prevents skill chaining at high attack speeds in Ragnarok.

All of this leads to a general confusion where each player only knows and clings to "their" Ragnarok, isolated amidst the multitude.


{ Notes on how the sandbox + the farm servers with companions can solve the problem }