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Autopot - Autobuff etc .... :

Just a reminder, the in-game service we offer (NPC Ambrosia tool) is more efficient than third-party software. The autopot, autobuff, equipment swapping, and macros are directly calculated by the server itself. Therefore, your ping will have no influence on the spamming speed. For example, if you create a macro for 15 Double Strafing, the server instructs your character to spam 15 DS (so, even if your ping is 150, the server will execute it as if it were 0 ping)

Database :

  • Kokotewa ( Undoubtedly better than ratemyserver, it certainly requires some adaptation time, but you can delve deeper into your research)

Just a reminder, it's important to read the item scripts to avoid disappointment during a purchase, as many items have inaccurate descriptions.

Wiki official  :

It's crucial not to mistake the iRO Wiki; there's another Wiki, No Classic, which corresponds to the Renewal version. Before conducting your research or citing your sources, make sure you're on the right one, not the wrong one.

Healing items :

Item script signification

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