Don’t forget to equip you’re pet’s accessory so you’re pet able to use it’s skill. It will also randomly help you attack when you are in battle if your pet is equipped with its accessory.

The bonus written in italics is obtained once the accessory is equipped, the other bonus is obtained once the pet is loyal

All Pet

Monster Taming Item Food Accessory Bonus(es)
Alice Soft Apron White Potion None MDEF+1, Demi Human Resistance +1%

cast Heal Level 5 when master HP is lower than 25%, with a 60 sec cast delay

Baby Desert Wolf Well-Dried Bone Pet Food Transparent Head Protector INT +1, SP +20

chance of casting Provoke Level 1 on enemy

Baphomet Jr. Book of the Devil Honey Skull Helm DEF/MDEF+1, Stun Resistance -1%

5% chance of casting undead property attack with 1776 damage

Bongun Her Heart Pet Food Grave Keeper's Sword VIT+1, Stun Resistance +1%

Chance of casting undead property attack with 1×555 damage

Chonchon Rotten Fish Pet Food Monster Oxygen Mask AGI+1, FLEE +2

Agi +4 for 10 sec every 50 sec

Deviruchi Contract in Shadow Shoot Pacifier ATK/MATK +1%, HP/SP -3%

Agi, Dex, Str +6 for 20 sec every 80 sec

Dokebi Old Broom Pet Food Wig MATK +1%, ATK -1%

10% chance of casting Hammer Fall Level 1

Drops Orange Juice Yellow Herb Backpack HIT +3, ATK +3

Looting (Capacity: 10 items)

Earth Petite (Green) Shining Stone Pet Food Stellar Hairpin DEF/MDEF -2, ASPD +1%

10% chance of casting Heaven’s Drive with 500 damage

Green Maiden Tantan Noodles Bun None DEF +1, Demi Human Resistance +1%
Hot Rice Cake Chewy Rice Powder Green Herb None Neutral Element Resistance +1%, HP -1%
Hunter Fly Monster Juice Red Gemstone Monster Oxygen Mask FLEE -5, Perfect Dodge +2

10% chance of casting wind property attack with 2×444 damage

Imp Ice Fireworks Flame Gemstone Horn Barrier Fire Element Resistance + 2%, Damage to Fire Element monster + 1 %
Isis Armlet of Obedience Pet Food Queen's Hair Ornament MATK -1%, ATK +1%

cast Magnificat level 2 when master HP & SP lower than 50%, with a 60 sec cast delay

Lunatic Rainbow Carrot Carrot Juice Silk Ribbon CRIT +2, ATK +2

Luk +3 for 10 sec every 50 sec

Munak No Recipient Pet Food Punisher INT +1, DEF +1

10% chance of casting undead property attack with 1×444 damage

New Year Doll Event Quest Mojji None None
Orc Warrior Orc Trophy Pet Food Wild Flower ATK +10, DEF -3

10% chance of doing an ignore target defense attack with 100 damage

Peco Peco Fat Chubby Earthworm Pet Food Battered Pot HP +150, SP -10

Increase walking speed by 25% for 20 sec every 40 sec

Picky Earthworm the Dude Red Herb Tiny Egg Shell STR+1, ATK +5

Str +3 for 10 sec every 50 sec

Poison Spore Deadly Noxious Herb Pet Food Bark Shorts STR +1, INT +1

10% chance of casting Poison on enemy during battle

Poporing Bitter Herb Green Herb Backpack LUK +2, Poison Element Resistance +10%

Looting (Capacity: 15 items)

Poring Unripe Apple Apple Juice Backpack LUK +2, CRIT +1

Looting (Capacity: 10 items)

Rocker Singing Flower Pet Food Rocker Glasses HP Recovery +5%, HP +25

All stats +1 for 10 sec every 50 sec

Santa Goblin Sweet Candy Cane Scell None HP +30, Water Element Resistance +1%

Small chance to cast Sight

Savage Bebe Sweet Milk Pet Food Green Lace VIT +1, HP +50

Vit +4 for 10 sec every 50 sec

Smokie Sweet Potato Pet Food Red Scarf AGI +1, Perfect Dodge +1

Allow master to use ‘perfect hide’ (Hiding skill where no monster can detect you except boss type monster.)

Sohee Silver Knife of Chastity Pet Food Golden Bell STR +1, DEX +1

Heals master 400 HP when master HP is below 33%, with a cast delay of 60 sec

Spore Dew Laden Moss Pet Food Bark Shorts HIT +5, ATK -2

cure poison every 60 sec

Steel Chonchon Rusty Iron Iron Ore Monster Oxygen Mask FLEE +6, AGI -1

Agi & Vit +4 for 20 sec every 40 sec

Succubus Boy's Pure Heart Vital Flower Black Butterfly Mask 2% chance to drain HP equivalent to attack
Wanderer Vagabond's Skull Spirit Liquor None
Yoyo Tropical Banana Banana Juice Monkey Circlet CRIT +3, LUK -1

Looting (Capacity: 20 items)

Zealotus Forbidden Red Candle Immortal Heart None ATK +2%,MATK damage to Demi Human +2%

Small chance to cast Sonic Blow level 1

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