Q: Is there a cash shop? Can we find hats/costumes/enriched items or other pleasures?

There is no cash shop, nothing.

Q: Are there donations to help with server development?

Donations are appreciated and will be used with a goal system, such as purchasing an RCX (equivalent to @lgp) for the server, or purchasing client modifications (display the robot's mana bar directly below their life), proxy, pay the developer or pay for server maintenance, add costume.

Q : What about Bubblegum, XP books, Enriched Elunium, Tokens of Siegfried, Kafra Cards, etc.?

All these items, deemed too powerful (besides being exploitable), are simply not implemented in the server and never will be!

Q: Does the server plan to wipe or close if the community is weak?

Once the release is done, no wipes will be conducted anymore; there's no reason to. This is a server that we've been paying for many years among close friends. If the server's popularity grows, it will become evident that we'll need to pay for a more powerful server. At a certain stage, the amount we allow ourselves to spend for our enjoyment cannot solely be financed by our income. We inject $35 per month and will continue to do so (without increasing or decreasing) as we have for over 3 years now.

Q: How can I check my ping?

  1. Press Windows+R or Type into your Windows search bar.
  2. Enter: resmon
  3. Select Network-Tab
  4. Find rotg.exe below TCP Connections
  5. There's your ping in the Latency column.

Q: Can I play on OS X or Linux?

Ragnarok Online is designed to run on the Windows Operating System and RO is not supported on other OS platforms at this time. Some users have been able to configure Ragnarok Online for use within a Windows emulator on a Mac or Linux-based system, using a program such as Wine, WineSkin, Lutris, WineBottler, PlayOnMac/PlayOnLinux, etc.

Q: Why not use Guepar anticheat?

Because it's deemed unnecessary and serves only to reassure those less informed on the subject. Additionally, it adds a lot of complications when modifying the client (you have to contact the creator of Guepar for every modification). I'll add that it installs a Trojan on your PC for monitoring and does not prevent cheating if someone really wants to. Lastly, it increases the game's loading time. As you can tell, we're not advocates for it. However, we have numerous tools (non-invasive to your PC) that allow us to control potential cheaters on Dayone/rotg."

Q: I have a screen larger than 1080p, and I would like to fully enjoy the gaming experience

There are two possibilities that I know of to solve the issue: DGVOODOO and AnacondaQQ.

Q: I see characters that move by themselves without responding. What are they, and what should I do?

There is a possibility that this is a bot; a program used by players to automate leveling or other activities. Note that sometimes these people are simply busy or are not in a state to talk. If you suspect a bot, send a support ticket to the GMs

Q: Where is the server located, and are proxies available?

The server is located in France. There are currently no proxies available We are using another (similar) technology to reduce ping across the world

Q: What does the "cannot init D3D or GRF file has a problem!" error mean?

It is an error dealing with graphics. Run the RO setup program, and verify that a graphics mode has been selected in the first option box. If there are no options available, compatible graphics drivers are not installed. Please verify that hardware requirements are fulfilled and drivers are up-to-date.
Q: Are auto-clicker software, macros, equipment switchers, and auto-pot programs allowed? A: Yes, they are allowed. We also have an in-game NPC that allows the same functionality. However, it is prohibited to use software that bypasses the delay imposed by the client or to use farming/looting bots.
Q: Is it allowed to gain experience by leaving my game running (AFK) with a robot that kills monsters for me all day? It is allowed to gain experience and to organize with other players to AFK on complex maps. However, it is prohibited to use software for looting items or for automatic movement.
Q: Why choose a whitelist for accessing Dayone?
It's primarily a server (originally) that we created among friends for our trusted friends to play together. Fed up with being in contact with a toxic population rarely aiming for server sustainability. That's why we're opting for a whitelist because we want the server's objective to be clear for anyone deciding to join us; here, we say 'hello' when we encounter someone...
Q: Why opt for mono-account?It's obvious that robots bring a lot of comfort to gameplay (even making the game too easy ). We don't intend to create a TFT / Autochess gameplay, where all you have to do is move across the screen and watch the robots do all the work from A to Z.
Q: When is it considered toxic to contest an MVP using skills like Pneuma, Safety Wall, Kiri, Warp Portal, Ice Wall, or mob training mobs onto the opposing team?
We consider MVP contesting to be an integral part of Ragnarok's gameplay, so it is allowed! However, there is an exception: if you are toxic towards a group of players solely to prevent them from MVPing (without having a team capable of killing the MVP on the map). If your only defense is claiming that you can solo or duo the MVP with your robots, you will be asked to prove it at the NPC "Arbite Dupont" to provide a solid alibi. Otherwise, a ban will be immediately applied to you.

Q: When I patch, it downloads, but at the end it says "Failed to write file".

To launch the patcher, run it in 'administrator mode

Q: Can I get a Stat or Skill Reset?

Yes. See stats/skill reset for more information.

Q: Can I change my character's name without remaking it?

Not at the moment.

Q: Can I change my character's gender?

Gender is determined when you make a new character. It is possible to have male and female characters on the same account.

Q: How to use custom GRF files like grayworld ?

you just need to run the "rotggrf.exe" in your game folder.

If you wish to modify your GRF with your own preferences or with a friend's GRF, I invite you to follow a guide

Q: Is multi-leveling enabled?

No. You will only get three level at a time.

Q: I've patched, but I'm still encountering in-game errors, or not benefiting from the new updates mentioned in the Discord update channel.

You can delete the "ROTG_Patcher.dat" file in your game folder and patch again.

Q: I can't raise my skill points for some reason.

Minimize your skill window by pressing the '-' button at the upper right portion of the screen // To close your skill window and reopen it, it's a common/known bug that can't be fixed